• 825 Reed St. Belding, MI 48809

Ranging from 4”-16” in height and 12”-60” in width.

Nonferrous Extrusion Cut-Off Saw

A machine designed for production cutting extrusions and tubes without blade back rake. B&O cut-off saws are the forerunners of the drop arbor design, which not only improves throughput finish, but is also much safer. These saws feature a large clamshell type clamp system that reduces noise, as well as securely holding the material while cutting. Thick neoprene covered foam pads protect the product.

These saws can be used in manual or automatic mode as you wish, depending on what optional equipment you purchase with a machine.

Standard Features

• Drop down blade

• 20 HP TEFC motor

• Variable speed hydraulic feed

• Blade height adjustment

• Adjustable stroke limit

• Acoustical clamping hood

• Non-metallic facing on tables and fences

• Under table arbor design

• 2 HP internal hydraulic unit

• Pendant controls

• High production with carbide blade

Optional Equipment

• Available in both right-hand and lefthand models to accommodate material flow in either direction

• Roller tables

• Automated operational control

• Scrap sweep fence

• Infeed table

• Outfeed table with gauge

• Vacuum chip collector

• Crop stop

• Loader belts and takeaway belts

• Free-standing 5 HP hydraulic unit for

increased feed rate

Model NumberCapacity: Height x Width
B-8248″ x 24″
B-8308″ x 30″
B-8408″ x 40″
B-102410″ x 24″
B-103010″ x 30″
B-104010″ x 40″
B-104810″ x 48″